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Precautions you need to take when going for picnic
Precautions you need to take when going for picnic

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A picnic makes for a great escape from the prosaic routine of grueling life. If you are bored of office or college, then let your hair down and head for a picnic in the hills or round the countryside. But if you are not used to going for picnics, then here are some precautionary measures you need to take:

  1. Take extra bottles of water: When you are going to picnic in an unfamiliar destination, it is always great to carry extra bottles of water. You never know how much thirsty you might feel by evening. Besides, if the weather is dry on the day, then your thirst glands may need more watering. Instead of relying on water at that unfamiliar place, it would be best to carry your own hygienic bottles. You can store your water packs and bottles in a foldable storage box which can be easily bought from any online store.
  2. Carry enough snacks: It goes without saying that you must carry enough snacks for the day. But at the same time, you should store them in a container which would offer protection against humidity or sunshine. If you do not have a thermal container (which keeps your food at the desirable temperature), a foldable storage box makes for the next best alternative. Besides, being of foldable nature, it does not occupy much space in your car. It is also very light in weight and can be carried easily. Though these storage boxes are used worldwide to stock a number of items, if you are intending to store food in them, then opt for one which has a lid.
  3.  Skin protection: It would be advisable to carry hats, caps, sunshields and glasses so that you can protect the skin against the burning sun.


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