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Key advantages of folding crates
Key advantages of folding crates

Sino Holdings Group is a professional Foldable Crates manufacturer company in China, focusing on the supplies of Folding Crates, Plastic Crate Containers, Collapsible Crates, folding boxes, LFC box etc worldwide.

Folding crate is widely used in reusable transporting packaging, different from normal standard crate containers; folding crate is much more flexible, saving transporting cost and your limited working space. With following item advantages, folding crate being top rank and chosen within all the reusable transporting packaging.

Saving your transporting cost

Different from traditional transporting packaging, for example wooden and paper packing, folding crate with advantages of waterproof, damp proof and corrosion prevention, returnable used for long term used, 100% recycle use, greatly reduce your transporting cost.

Saving your limited space

Normal traditional packaging usually takes too much available space, but folding crate can return you comfortable working space. For example, SHG-800*600*450mm series, after folded only 63mm height, greatly solve your space problem.

l  PP copolymer plastic material combines with PE used, light weight but strength

Easy assembling and dis-assembling

Humanized crate design consideration, very easy installation and easy to handle. Snap joint connecting, easy assembling and dis-assembling. Also we supply one new series of folding crate with special side wall design, can directly folded and un-folded. Much more easily than the above standard folding type. 

Good looking appearance

Very good looking appearance, rich color characteristic, crate with bending, aging tensile, compression, tear, high temperature resistant. Can be cleaned by water.

Widely used in food packing

Crates non-toxic, odorless, popular used in food transporting. Such as super markets, dime and department stores, large distribution center, food processing distribution system. Healthy and easy to clean.

Sino Holdings Group. As the professional manufacturer of folding crate China, folding crate china factory, we aim to offer worldwide customers crate with lightweight, durable, stacking, capping, dust and beauty appearance. Supply folding crate from 400*300*150mm up to 800*600*450mm, three different series for your choose. Also we offer folding pallet box, so if you have any interest or any needs, feel free to contact with Lucia!


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