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Folding crates save you a lot of expenses
Folding crates save you a lot of expenses

Folding crates have several advantages over the rigid ones especially once they are empty as we shall see:

Firstly, the most obvious advantage is that unlike rigid crates, folding crates can be folded and kept away when not in use. This saves a lot of the floor area and nowadays, when space is such a constraint, these crates are a godsend.

Secondly, in connection to the above mentioned advantage, since the folding crates take up less space, it leads to reduced usage of the floor space. The available floor space then can be put to further constructive use instead of being blocked by empty crates.

Thirdly, unnecessary expenditure in warehouse storage is saved because of less space being used by a collapsible container.

Fourthly, not only warehouse expenses, but, freight expenses also get pared down because of folding crates since many more such empty crates can be squeezed into a single transport vehicle. Instead of using larger number of vehicles, the empty folding crates can be piled in lesser number of vehicles because they take up less space.

Fifthly, the plastic folding crates are reusable a hundred times over without getting damaged or spoilt. Not only does recurring expenses on new purchases of crates gets saved but because of their recyclable nature, the folding crates contribute less to the landfill and are thus more environmental friendly.

Lastly, folding crates are flexible and can be customized as per customer specifications. This is very handy when it comes to heavy duty, sensitive or highly valuable products.

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