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Can a foldable crate store heavy goods?
Can a foldable crate store heavy goods?

Sino Holdings Group is a professional Foldable Crates manufacturer company in China, focusing on the supplies of Folding Crates, Plastic Crate Containers, Collapsible Crates, folding boxes, LFC box etc worldwide.

A foldable crate is not as weak as it may look superficially. You may consider the plastic-made container of miniscule size as something too fragile to store heavy objects. But once you begin to use them, you would be incredibly surprised by their Goliath abilities. These crates are made using strong and almost unbreakable plastic. Therefore, they are used all over the world for storing not just light items but also to stock goods which are very bulky.

Foldable crates find use in all the major industries. They are used extensively in factories and almost indispensably in pharmacies. The sellers and traders of fruits and vegetables use them to store and sell their food products. They also prove themselves inviolable for storage of bottles containing water, soft drinks and hard drinks. They have multiple facets since they can also add decorative value to your warehouse. You can bring home a foldable crate of a colorful and bright nature. These days, they are sold in an impressive variety of themes, designs and hues.

Even though you can store or lift heavy items in these crates, they are themselves very light in weight. Carrying an empty crate is something which even your ten-year old child would find no difficulty in executing. Besides, these crates are of foldable or collapsible nature. When you collapse them, their size shrinks and it becomes further easier to carry them around. Such an option also helps you to save space.

A foldable crate is sturdy in build and can sustain weights many times its own mass. They do not get affected even when they fall on the floor or are mishandled.

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